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18 questions MGF2106 – Project 2 Directions: This project contains multiple parts, and each part of the project

18 questions

MGF2106 – Project 2

Directions: This project contains multiple parts, and each part of the project contains several questions. Answer each question to the best of your ability. Record your answer for each question in the proper format and upload it to the appropriate Assignment (Projects) folder within Falcon Online by the due date posted within the Course Schedule.

Submission Format Instructions: Your submission must meet the following criteria to be accepted for grading.

· There are two options for submitting your work. Note that a requirement for each is that you must save your work as a single document.

1. Your submission can be a single, typed document saved as a Word document (.doc). Please know that every Daytona State College student has access to Microsoft Word. Refer to the Course Addendum under Microsoft Office.

2. You can also hand write your work and scan it into a single Portable Document Format (.pdf), or in Joint Photographic Expert Group (.jpeg) format.

· Your name must be at the top of your submission. Once you have answered the questions, upload your completed work to the appropriate Assignment (Projects) folder in Falcon Online. Be sure to click on “Submit” after using the “Add a file” link.

· Do not type the questions from the project into your submission. Only submit your answers to the questions.

· Follow the numbering system used in the project when typing your answers. Please be sure to answer all parts of a question.

MGF2106 Project 2: Conversions

Directions: Answer each question thoroughly using proper grammar and complete sentences. Record your answers in a separate document and submit your work according to the criteria provided in the Project Instructions. You may work individually on this project or with a small group.

You have decided to spend 8 nights in England for your bucket list vacation. Any time you travel through different countries, you must be able to convert prices, distances, and speed limits. Remember that the currency used in England is Pounds. Current conversions have 1 Pound = 1.23 US Dollars (USD) and 1 US Dollar (USD) = 0.81 Pounds. Use those conversions for this current project. Your plan is travel from Orlando to London, England and spend four nights there before finding 4 other excursions in England.

You have saved up $5000 USD to cover all expenses, so you must decide how much the flight, meals, lodging, and transportation throughout your vacation will cost you. You will have choices to make to plan your trip to your liking.

Make sure to convert each option and then state what you would select. Keep a tab of how much you are spending.

1. For each flight below, convert the cost from Pounds to US Dollars (USD) and complete the table below. The flight options from Orlando International Airport to Heathrow Airport in London (roundtrip), with departure times as follows:

Flight Type



Most Reliable

Time and Length of Flight

5:20pm – 10:05am

18 hours, long layover

6:55pm – 8:50am

9 hours, direct flight

2:10pm – 5:55am

11 hours, quick layover

Cost in Pounds

486 Pounds

1024 Pounds

930 Pounds

Find the Cost in USD

2. Which flight would you choose given your budget? Why would you pick that flight?

3. After you bought that flight, how much money (USD) are you left with for your trip?

4. Now that you purchased your flight, you must now get from the airport to downtown London, where you are staying. Look at the options below and convert the prices to US Dollars. You have 3 options to choose from:

Ride Type





45 minutes

15 minutes

1 hour

Cost in Pounds

26 Pounds

9 Pounds

4 Pounds

Find the Cost in USD

5. Which mode of transportation would you pick from the airport to downtown London? Why would you pick that one?

6. After buying the flight and the transportation to downtown London, how much money do you have remaining for your trip?

7. Now you must think about lodging and food. You must decide if you want to splurge on a nice place to stay, spend your money on food, or try to save money on both. Here are the lodging/meal options that you found. Convert each one to US Dollars and remember this is per day. You are planning on spending 4 nights in London, before spending 4 nights in other locations across England. You found a cheap hostel, which is set up to share a room with 4 total bunkbeds and you also found a nice hotel to yourself, both in the same location you want to stay. Decide which option would best suit your needs.


Hostel / Cheap food

Hostel / Fine dining

Hotel / Cheap food

Hotel / Fine dining

Hostel price per night in Pounds

40 Pounds

40 Pounds

162 Pounds

162 Pounds

Food cost per day in Pounds

24 Pounds

81 Pounds

24 Pounds

81 Pounds

Hostel Price per night in USD

Food cost per day in USD

Total cost in USD for 4 days

8. Which option would you choose for lodging/food choices? Why did you pick that option? What is the total cost of that for four days?

9. For your 4 nights in London, you have given yourself a budget of $150 per day on miscellaneous expenses (museum cost, souvenirs, etc…). Calculate the total you gave yourself in USD and in Pounds.

10. Calculate the total amount that would be spent on a plane ticket, transportation from the airport, and lodging/food, and miscellaneous for London. What is the total amount in Pounds and US Dollars that you will be spending? How much money is remaining in your budget in USD?

11. Now that you have budgeted your trip to get to London, sleep and eat, we must now find some fun overnight trips to do when we are in England. Let’s figure out how far away from London the top tourist attractions are. Convert each location from kilometers (km) to miles (m). Use the conversion that 1 kilometer = 0.62 miles and 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers

Outside of London, you are considering visiting the Stonehenge ruins in Wiltshire, the Roman Baths in Somerset, the York Minister Church in York, the Windsor Castle in Berkshire, the Glastonbury Music Festival in Glastonbury, and the Hull Fair in Kingston upon Hull. Convert the distance from in London from kilometers to miles. Round to the nearest mile.


Stonehenge in Wiltshire

Roman Baths in Somerset

York Minister in York

Windsor Castle in Berkshire

Glastonbury Music Festival

In Glastonbury

Hull Fair in


Distance in km

142 km

229 km

340 km

84 km

220 km


Distance in m

12. For each destination given, calculate how many liters of gas you would need to get there (round to 1 decimal). Once you do this, you are curious what that amount is in gallons, so convert your liters to gallons. Then, find the cost of gas in Pounds and USD, and find the total cost needed to rent the car for the day with the cost of gas.

Your rental car, for a cost of 104 Pounds daily will drive 8.5 km per liter of gas. The current mean cost of gas per liter in England is 1.24 Pounds. Also note that 1 liter = 0.26 gallons and that 1 gallon = 3.75 liters.



Roman Baths

York Minister

Windsor Castle

Glastonbury Music Festival

Hull Fair

Distance in km

142 km

229 km

340 km

84 km

220 km

325 km

Number of liters

Number of gallons

Cost in Pounds for gas

Cost in USD for gas

Total cost of car rental for one day + gas for trip in USD

13. Research all 6 of the above possible destinations and decide which 4 places you would want to visit. List them below and a brief reason why you would select those destinations.

14. Calculate the cost to drive to each one of these places, assuming that you are leaving from London. What is the total cost of driving and renting the car for the 4 days?

15. While driving, you have no idea how fast you are going because the speedometer is in kilometers per hour. Convert the following speeds into miles per hour so you know how fast you are going. Note that 1km/h = 0.62 mi/h and 1 mi/h = 1.6 km/h.

Speed in km/h




Speed in mi/h

16. For each of the 4 destinations, you have allowed yourself $300 USD per day for lodging, food, and miscellaneous expenses / souvenirs. What is the total over 4 days that you allowed yourself in USD and Pounds?

17. Add up the totals for all the money spent in London and your 4 other destinations including car rental. How much money did you spend altogether in USD and in Pounds? Were you able to stay under the $5000 USD that you saved up for your trip?

18. If you could put together a trip like this, where would you want to go and why?

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