3.Writing Assignment: Due Sunday 67 before 11:59 PM Please read the following Journal article: Pinniger Rosa et al. Argentine Tango

3.Writing Assignment: Due Sunday 6/7 before 11:59 PM
Please read the following Journal article:
Pinniger, Rosa, et al. Argentine Tango Dance Compared to Mindfulness Meditation

and a Waiting-List Control: A Randomised Trial for Treating Depression.

Complementary Therapies in Medicine, vol. 20, no. 6, 2012, pp. 377-384.
You will find it in the Modules:
Please write a minimum One and ½ – page essay plus a Work Cited page in MLA Format regarding this article. This is an exercise on how to read a journal article, analyze it and find what you need. We will also practice MLA.
Title of Essay you must use: Journal Article Analysis
Word Doc File Name:
Your Last Name – JA Essay
If you follow the “How to “read a journal article guide above in your lesson plan, you can find all your answers. When you use direct quotes, you must in text the page number and use quotations marks. When you paraphrase from the article, you must use the page number you took the ideas from. Do not forget your Works Cited Page. The MLA Format above is correct for Pinniger so use it. ( 3pts)
Prompts you must use in the essay:
What is the argument or arguments that this Journal article is making? This is your Introductory paragraph. (Read your abstract for this information)
What is the purpose for this study? What research has been done before? How will they build on the research that is already there?
How did the researchers gather their data and where they gathered their materials and how they conducted their experiments if that is what they did?
What were the results of their study? Did the data show the results they were looking for? Was the experiment a success? (You may want to look in the discussion area for this as well).
What were the implication (suggestion or consequence) of the research?
Please reflect on the article and give me your thoughts and feelings on what they studied and if it was of any interest to you and why or why not.
Please write a summary of what was done, why it was done and how it was done. A good conclusion should reflect the introduction you have already done. (This will be your final paragraph or Summary paragraph of your essay).