8 assignments for this book book link: https:www.amazon.comMonstressStoriesLysleyTenorioebookdpB005GFQ468refsr11crid3HDQCT7CRNN7Fkeywordsmonstresslysleytenorioqid1591502927sbookssprefixmonstressl2Cstripbooks2C236sr11 the attachment is sample quadrant

8 assignments for this book
book link:
the attachment is sample quadrant.
there are 8 assignments as below.
1.Quadrant on Monstress
2.Quadrant on The Brothers
3.Quadrant on Felix Starro
4.Quadrant on The View from Culion
5.Quadrant on Superassassin
6.Quadrant on Help
7.Quadrant on Save the I-Hotel
8.Quadrant on Lamour, CA
due day is 05/09/2020
if you could take it, please msg me.