READ EVERYTHING NO PLAGARISM For our research paper you will be writing a proposal research essay. In essence

For our research paper, you will be writing a proposal research essay. In essence, the essay analyzes an issue to understand it and suggests a solution based on the research. In other words:
a proposal essay does four things:
Defines the problem
Analyzes the problem
Researches the problem
Presents possible solutions.
Making sure that your essay has these four components, write a 4 to 5 page typed essay (the page count does not include your works cited page) on one of the social issue subjects below. Make sure that the paper follows standard MLA formatting. Also, make sure that there is a thesis in the first paragraph (issue plus claim plus evidence).
Topics can come from only the following subjects:
Mental health
Inequality or Race in America
Higher Education
Immigrant rights
Remember that a subject is broad but the topic is very specific. Please use the 5
and H method or the because/by method to help narrow down your subject into a research topic BEFORE creating a working thesis.

Solutions to problems identified:
you’ll need to define a problem within these subjects and youll need to propose
a solution. Don’t go for the obvious solutions that are NOT based on fact and research for reliable and credible sources.
Papers with solutions
that originate in hearsay, untruths, and bias will receive a zero.
The solutions or proposals to the problems you have researched and identified needs to be feasible. For example, you can’t say that we should fund a program to solve the issue. You will need to figure out how that program could be funded. The more detailed the proposal the better.
For this paper, unlike other papers, I will allow you to divide it into the sections of the essay as per the outline we discussed in class. (examples:
Ethical Chic: How Women Can Change the Fashion Industry and
Reforming College Sports essays. However, the heading to each section must be 12 point font, Times New Roman, and centered on the page. Do not bold, place in italics, or otherwise visually emphasis the font.
How to get an A:
I’m looking for the following things specifically:
A well-crafted thesis
Well defined parts of the essay/ structure (that includes the headings)
Thoughtful analysis and solutions backed up by research (logic is best).
A detailed solution/proposal
4-5 legitimate sources quoted and/or paraphrased as per MLA
A correct works cited page
4-5 pages (not including Works Cited)