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Make sure you come with specific examples support your clame or theses by reference )
This is a graded discussion. First, post your response to one of the the discussion prompts to the forum. Make sure to articulate your ideas carefully, and write about 150-200 words (you can always write more, but I will generally provide a minimum number of words). Once you have posted your response, you will be able to see your peers responses. Now, respond to at least two of your classmates comments; tell them where you may have points of agreement/disagreement with them. Keep in mind, you want to to engage with your peers in a discussion. If a classmate leaves a response for you, feel free to respond in turn. Always make sure you base your ideas on the text and use direct quotes to support your assertions.
Discussion Prompt
Before you can start presenting your ideas in this discussion forum, you need to read the following essay: Chinua Achebe, An Image of Africa.pdf. In a 1975 lecture that was later published as An Image of Africa, Achebe famously criticized metaphorical readings of Joseph Conrads novella, especially psychoanalytical interpretations. To apply such a reading, he says, is to reduce an entire people to a literary device and to agree that Africa is the antithesis to Europe and . . . civilization, a mere metaphysical battleground. As Achebe points out, Conrad denies Africans the power of language and facial expressions. Likewise, the African environment itself is inscrutable and incomprehensible, words that imply that Africa is impossible to describe or understand. Achebe does not accept the argument that the characters, not Conrad, are racist. Instead, the frame narrative was Conrads attempt to hide behind the moral views of the book. Marlow is not Conrads ironic racist character; he is Conrad, another Enlightened European. Achebes essay is one of the most influential criticisms of Heart of Darkness and still sparks much response. Theorist Edward Said, for example, replied to Achebes claims in his book Culture and Imperialism,
arguing that the books position is anti-imperialistic; however, Conrad is a victim of his time and could not grant the natives their freedom.
Please present your ideas on Achebes essay, and indicate which position you take in regard to Conrads novella.