Imagine you are going on a trip. And although you


Imagine you are going on a trip. And although you may want to take along any and everyone who wants to go, you cannot. There is not room for everyone. You want this to be the best trip ever that’s filled with lots of fun, mental stimulation, and like minded folks. Who would you leave behind? 

Read the attached articles for this week. After reading, your discussion will be about those you decided to “leave behind.”  Tell us the four types of passengers you would leave behind and why. (Based on the different groups described in the readings).  

While this is a fictitious scenario how does this relate to groups in the United States? Are we a society that accepts others based on class? Specifically, “people of color”?  Did “privilege” manifest itself among those you chose as passengers to make the trip?  

Answer these questions and defend your responses based on any or all of the readings this week. 


Lum, Doman (2004) Social Work Practice and People of Color

 Chapter 2 People of color 

Chapter 3 Culturally Diverse Values 

 White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Peggy McIntosh