Strategy and strategic leadership are extremely important concepts for management. 

Strategy and strategic leadership are extremely important concepts for management.  The text mentions companies such as Facebook, PepsiCo, Walgreens, Starbucks, and Tesla (just to name a few) who have some positive and negative leadership results. How should strategic leaders address the major issues you identified? In what situations is top-down planning likely to be superior to bottom-up emergent strategy development? 

 Choose one company from Chapters 1 or 2 and discuss current controversial issues it faces. 

  1. Examine how competitive industry structure shapes rivalry among competitors.
  2. Describe the strategic role of complements in creating positive-sum co-opetition.
  3. Explain the five choices required for market entry.
  4. Appraise the role of industry dynamics and industry convergence in shaping the firm’s external environment. 
  5. Generate a strategic group model to reveal performance differences between clusters of firms in the same industry.
  6. Explain the role of strategic leaders and what they do.
  7. Compare and contrast the roles of corporate, business, and functional managers in strategy formulation and implementation.
  8. Describe the roles of vision, mission, and values in a firm’s strategy.
  9. Evaluate the strategic implications of product-oriented and customer-oriented vision statements.

The post should be a minimum of 500 words. The thoughts and opinions expressed in your thread must be substantiated by research and literature. A minimum of two, reputable, external sources are required in the post. All in text references should be in correct APA style format and the references should be in APA format at the bottom of your post.  

All original threads should: 1.  Bring clarity to the issues being discussed. 2.  Raise new and novel (yet relevant) points. 3.  Rationally defend your stated position.

Each initial post in the class should be considered a mini case analysis.  Pages 460-465 of the text is a review of How to Conduct a Case Analysis.  In your initial post and in your responses to your classmates, you should follow the steps of the strategic management process.  You should include (1) analysis of the problem; (2) proposal of one or more alternate solutions; and (3) justification for which solution you believe is best and why.