Emergent Level Reading Activity [due Mon Assignment Content Scenario: You

Emergent Level Reading Activity [due Mon

Assignment Content

  1. Scenario: You have 4 students in your 2nd-grade class who scored Emergent level in reading after taking the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA). You will be working with these students in a small group and focusing on Fluency. Your goal is to work with them to get them to Basic level or higher.

    Note: For a refresher on AZELLA, review the AZELLA Module.

    Access the English Language Proficiency Standards on the Arizona Department of Education website. To locate the 2nd-grade Reading Domain standards, click Stage II, Grades 1-2 under (CURRENT)-2010 English Language Proficiency Standards. Then click Reading Domain.

    Review Standard 3: Fluency, and compare the Emergent, Basic, Low Intermediate, and High Intermediate level performance indicators.

    Choose 1 or more performance indicators to focus on and create a 30-minute small group activity that will assess those indicators.

    Note: Consider using teaching strategies from the 50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners textbook.

    Incorporate skills and strategies including technology (if applicable) that would apply to this group of learners.

    Explain how your activity balances the students’ language needs and content needs with age-appropriate instruction.

    Submit your assignment.