I need you to watch the two YouTube videos with

 I need you to watch the two YouTube videos with the link below 

You are a hiring manager at JKL Bank. You are reviewing the two resumes to decide who to hire for the position of Head Teller. The job description states that the Head Teller must:

  • Provide quality customer service
  • Train new bank tellers
  • Manage other tellers’ schedules 
  • Intervene in the event of customer or employee dissatisfaction

                                                   Questions to answer

  • Why did you choose that candidate? What three (3) tips from the video helped you to make the decision? Be specific in referencing the tips from the video and tying them to particular information and/or formatting features on the resume. 
  • Do you think including a branding profile on a resume is important? Why or why not? Which candidate of the two do you think had a stronger branding profile? What did you like about her branding profile? What did you not like about the other candidate’s branding profile?

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