What are the benefits of using search engines, such as

What are the benefits of using search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing? What are some of the limitations and dangers of using information that is widely available on the Web? Minimum 150 words

After your primary post, respond to at least two of your classmates’ (2-3 sentences)


The benefits of using search engines is endless information readily at your fingertips. Today, we can google the answer or more information on almost anything. We have more access to information than ever before, much of which is shared across communities to further their own research and developments. Another benefit is the ability to access large amount of information quickly, compared to searching through books to find the same thing. While there are many obvious benefits to using search engines, there are many dangers and limitations as well. First, there is not always a guarantee that the information you have googles is correct. Almost anyone can put anything online these days. Another limitation is that people today have become more accustomed to google searching and skimming rather than taking the time to learn and do their own research. Many believe that ease of access to information without having to necessarily learn it hurts our collective attention span and ability to learn as a society. Finally, search engines make it a lot easier for people to cheat on assignments or violate copyright laws. Doing so may result in failing a class, or worse. 


Hi Class,

There are many benefits to using search engines.  The first one is how much time it ends up saving.  Growing up, I remember spending hours at the library trying to find all the information that I needed to complete projects. Now, it is so incredibly easy to access all sorts of information within seconds, no matter where I am. It is important to make a habit of using more than one search engine. It will provide even more material needed than what would have been found using only one.  Also, search engines give you the ability to start generalized research for just about anything.  You can use this research to read reviews on products you want to buy, find directions to a location, or finding a website that you can’t remember the exact web address to. 

Unfortunately, there are also dangers that come from utilizing search engines.  The risk of false advertising, spam, or misinformation are things that could be prevalent during your searches.  Understanding how to find the right information while conducting searches will limit your exposure to this.   Also, because you are always connected via portable electronics, it can be hard to disconnect from that access.  It is easy to become addicted and waste a lot of time when you have the ability to access almost anything at any time.


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