Visual media can have a significant impact on how effectively


Visual media can have a significant impact on how effectively a  message is communicated. Appropriate and strategic visuals can inspire  the audience, lend clarity to a message, and, in general, say things  that words alone cannot. 

Throughout this course, you decided on a  message to communicate, determined the most effective platform or  medium for that message, and selected the most appropriate visuals to  support the message. For the Final Project, incorporate a minimum of  three different types of visual design, such as typography, graphics,  and images to deliver your intended message. Note that if you did not  create the visual, you must include a reference for the visual(s)  contained in the project. 

For this project, use the concepts  you’ve learned in this course to effectively apply visuals to a  business-related message. Below, you will find just a few examples of  how visuals can be utilized to communicate a message in the business  setting. Feel free to use any of the examples listed below, or if you  choose to select examples not included on the list, be sure to request  instructor approval prior to completing the Final Project. 


Examples of Business Communication

How Each Example Might Look for Your Assignment


Presentation on department achievements

PowerPoint slides with visuals such as video clips, images, and  charts and associated speech in the Speaker’s Notes section at the  bottom..


Print advertisement for your own business

Word document or PDF version of an advertisement, complete with  appropriate image(s), embedded (or links to) video clips, composition,  typography, and company logo and website.


Training materials on your job responsibilities

Word document or PDF version of job instructions using typography,  composition, and relevant images and video to promote clarity.


Company website

Word document, PowerPoint, or PDF mock-up that illustrates what you  would want your website to look like. Complete with appropriate images,  effective composition and color usage, company logo, video clips, and  shapes representing where the buttons would be.

Your Final Project must contain aspects of each element discussed in  the course as it applies to your example communication piece. It must  use appropriate typefaces, deliver a clear message, and have clear brand  identity. It must also use an appropriate composition of graphics,  photos, video, or other visual media. In addition to the text, your  paper must contain a minimum of five scholarly sources, two of which  must be from the UAGC Library. 

In your five- to seven-page paper  (not including the title and reference pages or the three visual media  examples), be sure to address the following: 

  • Discuss the rationale behind choosing each of the three media  elements and support your discussion with concepts from the course  material.
  • Explain why the media elements contained in your Final Project deliver the message you intended to communicate.
  • Describe the intent of the message.
  • Apply a minimum of five concepts from the course material to support  your choice of media elements. For example you may use concepts such as  visual literacy, perception, visual marketing, storytelling, design,  branding, social media, communication theories, or any of the other  concepts presented during the course. Be sure to discuss the  relationship of the concepts to the media elements that you have chosen.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.