Needed in 3 hours Answer the following questions: Chapter 15:


Needed in 3 hours 

Answer the following questions:

Chapter 15:

1) Questions for Review: 15-1, 15-4

15-1 Explain the role of accountants and distinguish among the kinds of work done by public accountants, private accountants, management accountants, and forensic accountants.

15-4 Explain the key standards and principles for reporting financial statements.

2) Application Exercises: 15-9

15-9 Interview an accountant at a local business, nonprofit organization, or government entity. How does the firm use budgets? How does budgeting help managers plan business activities? How does budgeting help them control activities? Give examples.

Please provide the name of the Accountant you interviewed. You can choose an accountant of your choice.

Chapter 16:

1) Questions for Review, 16-1 – 16-2,

16-1 Define money and identify the different forms that it takes in the nation’s money supply.

16-2 Describe the different kinds of financial institutions that compose the U.S. financial system and explain the services they offer.


Ebert, R. J., & Griffin, R. W. (2018). Business Essentials (12th Edition). Pearson Education (US).

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