Imagine that you are a member at PLM. This website’s

Imagine that you are a member at PLM. This website’s mission is to improve the lives of patients through new knowledge derived from shared real-world experience and outcomes. These group chats offer connections between individuals that may experience the same health issues or challenges. The history behind this platform started when Stephen Heywood was diagnosed with ALS in 1998. His family tried to slow Stephen’s disease progression. The family became citizen scientists, harnessing the power of all information they could find. Nowadays, social media is the modern-day equivalent of the game of telephone; therefore, its impact on community health cannot be underestimated.

Elaborate how data is important to public health.

include the following aspects in the discussion:

1) What are some of the potential problems that could arise from using “Patients Like Me” and how can you mitigate these problems?

2) Visit the PLM website and review the various diseases. Then, discuss what functionality you would suggest being added to the site to improve greater traffic moving among subscribing users and newcomers.

3) Research how dedicated healthcare-focused platforms are being used in public health. Give specific illustrative examples.



Social media has become rooted in everyday life in today’s day and age and the connectivity that it has created in our digital world has opened an endless number of possibilities. One of these possibilities is that of dedicated healthcare-focused platforms that have revolutionized the way we as consumers receive, interpret, and implement healthcare data into our own lives, as well as connect with other people living the similar lifestyles, working towards similar goals, or living with similar conditions as us. Speaking from personal experience, I check in daily with my Beachbody on Demand and Ultimate Portion Fix exclusive group pages on Facebook for support, advise, recipes ideas, and to feel connected to others who have chosen lifestyles and goals like my own. This feeling of belonging and community is essential for me to continue thriving in my own wellbeing, mindset, and fitness goals, so the concept of social media platforms being used to better public health outcomes is no surprise to me as it has become an invaluable tool for education on public health matters.

Patients Like Me is a digital health management platform designed to empower communities of people with more than 2,800 different health conditions by allowing members to connect with peers, share personal stories about their health, symptoms, and treatments. (Patients Like Me, 2022). Looking through the list of conditions, there is a wide range of categories, but one I was surprised not to see was an option for food allergies as 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 13 children, equaling out to around thirty-two million Americans, have food allergies, many that cause life-threatening anaphylaxis. (Food Allergy Research & Education, 2022) As a mother with a child who lives with a major food allergy, diagnosed before he turned one, I am a huge advocate for generating more discussions on food allergies, treatments, and educating people on how to properly read and understand nutritional labels, and really the science of food itself. In my own experience, I was alone in my research and treating my son’s condition from how to order an infant epi-pen, how to use the epi-pen, what could I use to substitute this food, how do we enjoy dinner out as a family, etc. It was not until I found the right Pediatrician and a community of people on social media to help me navigate this new lifestyle, we were forced to adopt did I understand the impact of having the right tools and knowledge could have on keeping my son safe and healthy. I think adding a category and option for those suffering with food allergies could improve traffic moving among subscribers and newcomers since so many people are affected by them.


Food Allergy Research & Education. (2022, January 30). Facts and Statistics: Key information to help better understand food allergies and anaphylaxis. McLean, VA, United States.

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