Please provide FEEDBACK ONLY! I chose a news release from

Please provide FEEDBACK ONLY!

I chose a news release from Apple which recapped ways that they helped to improve the lives of its users during the previous year. The writer of this release excelled in many ways. First, the writer begins the release with a parapgraph that summarized the main idea of the release. The writer used descriptive, positive words that catch the reader’s attention. One example of this is “and users started to reexplore the world using the beautiful new Apple Maps”. The writer then went on to break down the different ways of imorovement in different paragraphs. The writer discusses the Apple Arcade, Apple Musis, Apple’s new Shazam feature, Apple TV, Apple News, and more. The writer explores each feature in great detail. “2021 was a year of innovation for Apple Music, providing subscribers with remarkable new releases, original content, and product features that transformed the experience of discovering and enjoying music from all over the world.” One thing I think the writer could improve about the release is to add a few more pictures of different aspects of each of the areas listed above. Each area has a picture, but if there were more pictures that visually showcased the features, this could make a non-Apple user seriously consider switching. The social media-friendly aspect includes various links and downloadable content for the reader.


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