Assignments to submit: Attach your assignment submission in single page

Assignments to submit: 

Attach your assignment submission in single page PDF document NO MORE THAN FOUR PAGES(not including first title page). in Times New Roman fonts of size 12, single spacing.


Create a memo (Email Letter) describing your initial analysis of the

situation at FAME as it relates to the design of the database application. Write this as  you are writing a reply back to Martin Forondo. 

Ensure that your memo addresses the following points:

a. Your approach to addressing the problem at hand (for example, specify the systems development life cycle)

b. What will the new system accomplish? What functions will it perform? Which organizational goals will it support?

c. What will be the benefits of using the new system? Use concrete examples to illustrate this. Outline general categories of costs and resources needed for the project and implementation of the ultimate system.

d. Questions, if any, you have for Mr. Forondo for which you need answers before you would be willing to begin the project


Create an enterprise data model that captures the data.  You should identify  at least 7 entities and appropriate relationship among entities. Insert the screenshot of the Enterprise Model in the same document. 

(for part ii, just give me the entities and relationship between each other. I will make connect table by myself)


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