Paper #3 Requirements Mergers and Acquisitions: Paper Requirements: Due on

Paper #3 Requirements

Mergers and Acquisitions: Paper Requirements:  Due on or before April 17th.
Cover Page, 4-6 content pages, and Reference page(s).  
Include at least 2 scholarly sources (preferably peer-reviewed) less than 5 years old. Utilize FSU online library. APA 7th edition formatting.Reference Example:   Double-spaced, In Alphabetical Order, “Hanging Indents”Freeman, R.E., Phillips, R., & Sisodia, R. (2018). Tensions in Stakeholder 
       Theory. Business & Society, 59(2), 213-231.               page should be Numbered. Font = 12 font. Double-spaced.   1″ inch margins on all sides.Use section headers.   Grammar, spelling, and Your Opinion Matters.
One or two small Exhibits (graph, chart, table).
Financial Ratios.Pick one of the Mergers or Acquisitions listed below and answer the questions in your paper.If you’d like to select another M & A that is not on the list, please confirm with me for approval. If you have been part of an M & A, you may write your case on that. Again, please confirm with me prior to. America Online and Time Warner 
Dow Chemical and DuPont
Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller
Heinz and Kraft Foods
Exxon and Mobil
Oracle and Sun Microsystems
CVS and Aetna
Dell and EMC
Time Warner and AT & T
Comcast and Time Warner Cable                                                                                                                                                                                                Warner-Lambert and Pfizer

Be sure to answer every question below within your paper.
1.  Explain the deal.  Merger or Acquisition? 2.  Structure of the deal. How was it financed?  What was the cost?3.  Identify the purpose and the goals of the deal?4.  Whom do you believe benefited the most? Which company and why? 5.  What do you believe are the significant downfalls/damages caused by the deal if any?  6.  Is the deal successful today?  Do you feel it will remain successful?
7.  Could/would anyone acquire them now? 8.  What company would be a potential merger candidate?  Why? 9.  If they could do it again or not do it at all, what would your advice be and why?Please submit via Turnitin Direct.  Your paper needs to be under 30%.Thank You.


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