Information Security


Topic – Information Security

All papers in this course are subjected to anti-plagiarism software. Students should research the literature for the topic they select and prepare a comprehensive paper of 15-20 pages (APA format) on their findings. The paper should propose a fictional company then incorporate their findings from their research and justify a business case for the use of the technology. The research paper is an assignment consisting of four different papers that you will submit over the course of the term. The papers are all double spaced. The four papers build on one another as they are submitted. The four parts are: The Assignment Proposal – 5% The assignment proposal is a short (two to three pages without the cover page, abstract, or reference pages) paper that describes what you are going to research. It should include references (at least five) that support the points you make in the paper. Annotated Bibliography/Outline – 10% The annotated bibliography/outline will include the references you are going to use in the draft and final research paper. The annotated outline is your research paper outline with references included in the different sections of the paper to support the outline. The annotated bibliography is a standard paper. The two parts, the bibliography and outline, are submitted as one document. An example of the annotated bibliography/outline is included here


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