Job Term Negotiation


Please follow plan 1 marking guidelines and complete to a high standard. Please read the Alex Reclutamento role to complete assignment. Please read General Guidance for Negotiation Plan 1 (Job Terms). There are 2 sections to this assignment – worksheet and explanation section. Worksheet section – these questions need to be answered well. Please note and use the following comments for your Plan 1 Worksheet: • State your role upfront (Lee or Alex) on the worksheet. Also state why you are here (fundamental interest/s) at the start, and what issues may be involved in meeting these interests (bargaining mix). Then list what your goals are. Prioritise all these. • List your intangible interests and goals (personal and/or organisational) too. • Where there are two or more interests and goals, prioritise them clearly. You may “weight” them – for example out of 10 – to help planning and decision making.

• Define your bargaining mix. Having more issues, improves your potential outcomes for your more valued goals. • To save space, display your bargaining mix as part of your concession plan (as in the vertical column of issues in the concession plan shown in Week 4 lectures). However, you must clearly state that that is where you are displaying your bargaining mix if you are not going to list it separately. • Use your goal/s, to set your objectives (target/s), and then your opening offer. • Clearly state your BATNA and whether it is strong, intermediate or weak (relative to the offer you are negotiating). Use it to set your resistance point. • Your BATNA should reflect a plausibly firm option


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