DL- Informative Speech Assignment

Purpose:  The purpose of this speech is to share ideas and information with the audience explaining the complete subject that is your topic. Through this speech, you will have the opportunity to “teach” us something, or enlighten us about a topic. Therefore, this speech should inform the audience on your topic as if it were generally unknown to them, while developing its significance to them specifically, as well as society generally, and at a depth that we will find truly educational. This speech must be presented objectively will all sides equally examined if it is a controversial topic. We should not be able to tell your position or side if it is a controversial topic.

Description:  This speech should be 3-5 minutes in length and include a comprehensive preparation outline, featuring 2-5 main points. You must submit the typewritten outline by the specified deadline or you will not be able to deliver your speech. There are penalties for going over or under the required time limits. This means you will need to practice your speech sufficiently to be sure of its length. You may use 3X5 or 4×6 note cards- front side only. Please DO NOT read from something in the background. I will take points off if you are edaing, and if your video is edited.

In addition, at least five references (listed in the “References” section and cited in APA style (only) are required for this speech. All five of these sources must be verbally cited within the speech as supporting material for claims that are made or data that is offered.



-select Research and Citation


All sources cited must be credible.

Source Credibility




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