work with elementary children in North Carolina, The directions for this module is below. BOOK ASSIGNMENT 3: ASSESSMENT AND STUDENT SUCCESS IN A DIFFERENTIATED CLASSROOM (only Chapters 2, 3, 5,6) (Feel free to paste these into a Word document and answer them after each question.) 1. Since we are doing a module on differentiation, begin reading with Chapters 2 and 3. 2. Watch the following video by one of the authors of the book, Dr. Carol Tomlinson. (32:18) Answer the following: a. What is a “windshield check” and why did the teachers think it was effective? b. On page 68 in your book, read through more formative assessments and choose your top 4. Describe them, then explain why you chose them as the best match for your classroom. c. What is flexible grouping and what relationship does it have to growth mindset? How is flexible grouping different from tracking? d. In Dr. Tomlinson’s description of the three math classrooms that were “differentiated,” what does she see as the problem with the choices that the teachers made? What is your response? (There are not agreed-upon answers to this. Really do your own analysis and evaluative thinking!) 3. NOW, develop a pre-assessment that you will administer with your students. Include the pre-assessment within this book assignment and complete the following: a. State the KUD for the learning experience of unit. b. Show or describe three students’ responses that were at different levels and describe how you will reorganize your instruction to be appropriate for those students. Be SURE you are reflecting the content from chapters 2-3. Include page numbers from the book. 4. Read Chapter 5. (We will skip Chapter 4 because your module explores formative assessments, but you are welcome to read it!) State the 5 indicators of quality summative assessments from Chapter 5, then give a brief description in your own words including your own response to each indicator in relation to your classroom. 5. In Chapter 5, of the 3 scenarios provided (pp. 104-119), choose one and write about what you learned from reviewing that scenario about differentiated summative assessments. (2-3 paragraphs) 6. Before reading Chapter 6, read the four scenarios on pages 139-140. Choose the one closest to your own teaching – present or future. Now, read Chapter 6 and write 2-3 paragraphs stating which choice you would make for your scenario (a, b, c or d) and why based on the content of Chapter 6. Provide page numbers to support your answer. (You should have a minimum of 4 page number references.)



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