The Role of Feelings Morey is a sadist. In other


The Role of Feelings

Morey is a sadist.  In other words, he enjoys causing other people pain. The feelings he experiences when he hurts others are exciting and deeply satisfying. Do these feelings justify the actions that produces them? Why or why not?

2 page response, Double line. Use references and APA style 

Discussion Question 1 300 words (Use product Rap Snacks potato

Discussion Question 1 300 words

(Use product Rap Snacks potato chips)

 What is the target market for this product, and does the company’s marketing strategy reflect this? Now consider the broader category of your product. How can this product be changed and/or the marketing strategy adjusted to appeal to other market segments? 

Discussion Question 2 (no specific word count)

 How does the scale of a sculpture affect how we respond to it? Does a large sculpture seem more important than a small one? Nonrepresentational sculpture can be controversial. Should public art be representational so everyone “gets it?”  

Discussion Question 3 (no specific word count)

watch this video 

 “Architecture is not about math or zoning — it’s about visceral emotions,” says Marc Kushner. Discuss your thoughts on the Marc Kushner video. In what way has this video made you more aware of the architecture around you and in the world at large? In what way do you feel connected and/or disconnected to the buildings in your life?  Include examples in your response 

Discussion Question 4 (no specific word count)

 Idealism refers to behavior or thought that is based on a conception of things as they should be or as one would like them to be. Realism is sometimes described as “warts and all,” existing in fact rather than something imagined. What are some contemporary examples that utilize idealism? Are the purposes the same as those of the Classical Greeks? Why do you think Romans developed realistic portraiture? What are some contemporary examples that utilize realism? Which do you prefer, realism or idealism? 

Discussion 5 (200 words at least)

As a response to structural unemployment due to AI (artificial intelligence), Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposes “the Freedom Dividend,” a universal income of $1000/month per citizen. What do you think of this proposal? 

Consider any of the following in your answer:  Unemployment, aggregate demand, economic growth, structural unemployment, labor force participation rate, opportunity cost, the federal deficit, business start-ups, and/or unintended consequences

Discussion 6 (200 words at least)

Chapter 25 (section 25-2) in your textbook discusses productivity and the challenges faced by governments as they seek to raise living standards.  Obviously, there are areas of disagreement and areas of potential improvement.  If you were polled, what policy would you suggest to improve U.S. living standards?

In your post, make sure to consider opportunity cost and any potential unintended consequences.  You may also want to analyze the effect on future growth as you post and reply

Discussion 7 (200 words at least)


Chapter 27 introduces the financial system and the importance of assessing time and risk in making financial decisions.  In this Discussion Board, summarize your own financial plan balancing present and future needs, especially future retirement needs.

In your post, you may want to apply:  the Rule of 70, present value, insurance, diversification, and risk.  How will you stay motivated to meet future goals (home ownership, business start-ups, family goals, and/or retirement with the human tendency to prefer “now” over “later?”

Discussion 8 (200 words at least)

discusses the Great Recession of 2008-2009. Respond to ONE of the following:

  • As hindsight is 20/20, what active stabilization policies (if any) should have been enacted to respond to the financial crisis?

Do crime television shows depict the collection and analysis of

Do crime television shows depict the collection and analysis of crime scene evidence realistically? Why, or why not?



This post is in addition to my earlier post to further elaborate on the discussion that was presented. The question at hand is whether crime television show accurately depict the collection and analysis of crime scene evidence in realistic manner. In my opinion the correct answer could be yes and no. As we all can agree the director of the television show use their artistic ability to make a so-called reality-based story line more exciting, so it does not seem to be boring and attracts the audience to return every week to continue watching. With this occurring the crime scene entertainment allows for television shows the fascinate and at times bewilder the viewers but, in my opinion, provides a false sense of what the ability of the American Justice and law enforcement system really is.

Being someone who was in investigation it is aggravating when watching crime scene shows is the time it takes for the testing of evidence to be conducted. When watching television shows like CSI Miami or Chicago PD they have the results prior to the hour-long show being over so they can appease the curious viewers who are watching the series. This process can take several weeks up to months depending on the type of testing you are having completed. DNA testing for example will require several hours of forensic scientist being in a lab checking DNA against data bases and many times there is not a match to the standard they are testing.

Another thing that bothers me is these television shows often show if any a lack of chain of custody and the way evidence is collected. This is very important when conducting any investigation and especially when evidence is collected. Along with good police work the ability to show the evidence collected was placed in the proper evidence collection container, sealed, and initialed will yelp with the integrity of when and who collected it. Also, a chain of custody log will also show who had possession of the evidence which is a key and effective way to win a case.

Crime television in my opinion tries to depict the correct way evidence is collected and analyzed to the best of their knowledge and I think there is some shows that can at times get close, but they leave out a lot of major steps to meet the 30–60-minute slot they have for the show. When they are processing for latent prints and/or collecting DNA some of the shows are dead on but all other steps are emitted from the show.

How do you think income elasticity affects a normal good


  • How do you think income elasticity affects a normal good versus an inferior good? Provide an example. 
  • Why do economists use the term “elastic?”
  • What examples do you have of public goods? What is the free-rider problem? 
  • How do you think income elasticity affects a normal good versus an inferior good? Provide an example. 

Monologue Instructions: Prepare the monologue of the topic assigned by


Prepare the monologue of the topic assigned by the facilitator during Workshop Two. The presentation
should be a maximum of three (3) minutes, where students will present the achievements of their
theme and its historical-cultural impact of the establishment of civilizations in antiquity. East
monologue will be presented in the first person.

As a 3-year-old, Mateo was afraid of Santa Claus, believed


  • As a 3-year-old, Mateo was afraid of Santa Claus, believed his shadow was following him, and expected that all adults knew his name. He could sing the ABC song and count by rote to 10. By the time he was 8 years old, Mateo loved sitting on Santa’s lap, used his hands to make shadow characters, and was able to disagree with a friend without getting upset. He could read simple text and add, subtract, and multiply.
  • Think about the previous example from Piaget’s point of view and then from Vygotsky’s. What do you think each would say about how Mateo’s developmental changes came about? From Piaget’s point of view, consider the development of stages and egocentrism. From Vygotsky’s point of view, consider the Zone of Proximal Development and the adult’s role in providing cultural knowledge.


  • Contrast Piaget’s theory to Vygotsky’s theory. Using the example above, describe how Piaget and Vygotsky differ in their views about how cognitive development progresses. Be sure to include all of the following in your answer:
    • The main ideas of the stages of development from Piaget and the Zone of Proximal Development from Vygotsky
    • A description of the adult’s role in the process from the point of view of each theorist
    • A clear explanation of Mateo’s developmental progress from the point of view of each theorist
    • A clear explanation of the differences between the two theorists’ approaches

Please post your personal response to the following post: –

Please post your personal response to the following post:

– Start-Ups after shutdown periods can be measured by amount of time it takes from machine repair to automatic machiner operation. The more start-ups an employee performs, the more the employee collaberates with specialists and improves. 

– Maintenance can learn from this article by taking a note from the quote “By failing to capitalize on this natural phenomenon, managers will not encourage continued efforts once they become convinced that “further improvements are not possible.””. (Harvard Business Review, 2014) Many maintenance workers may find themselves doing routine tasks and jobs. After 6 years in Maintenance, I can personally agree that this is the case as far as a day-to-day basis goes. Maintenance departments can use this as a reminder to encourage and applaud all employees even though they may seem expected to perform this way. Any work environment needs praise from co-workers and upper management. A work environment that operates this way will see satisfied employees and a want to improve learning. They can track their performance by measuring down times among machine repairs and servicing. Down times should decrease as time increases.

– Construction businesses can analyze the learning curve for the Wright-Patterson Airforce base in Ohio, where number of man hours to produce declined as the number of units produced increased. (Reguero, 1957) Construction rews will perform at a maximum level if they ensure to include newer employees with adept employees. This allows newer employees to receive experience they need while also receiving teaching. Beginner employees should not work alone on time crunch projects, as they are not experienced enough to perform fast and excellent simultaneously, according to learning curves. They can measure their performance by tracking constrcution times by different crews with various experience to see if performance increase collectively as more projects are done.


Profit from the learning curve. Harvard Business Review. (2014, August 1). Retrieved September 14, 2021, from

Miguel A. Reguero, “An Economic Study of the Military Airframe Industry,” Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, Department of the Air Force, October 1957, pp. 231–235.

Financial History: The next section of your report should focus

 Financial History: The next section of your report should focus on the financial history and capital structure of your organization.
A. Quantitatively analyze three years of the corporation’s finances using the provided Excel template. You will submit this template along with your
report, and may embed pieces of the Excel template into your report to show key financial highlights for the following section. Please note that,
for this assignment, you only need to complete the “Financial History” tab in the spreadsheet.  
B. Summarize the financial highlights you determined from the analysis in the Excel template, explaining the significance of the key ratios for the
overall financial health of the organization.  

Term Paper Assignment Directions: Each student is required to write


Term Paper Assignment Directions:

Each student is required to write a APA Style 7th edition term paper that consist of three (3) full pages of substance, not including the cover page and reference page.

It is more important that the 100 level student work on writing mechanics so that you start to demonstrate critical thinking in your written communications. Academic writing takes practice and is a process. The only way to improve academic writing skills is through practice and writing papers. 

Each paper must include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles that support your analysis. Students must format in-text citations and references in APA Style 7th edition.   

Your work will be graded using the CJ Formal Written Assignment Final Paper Rubrics.pdf.  Make sure that you use the writing criteria as a checklist as you edit your paper and hit on all of the “Exemplary” areas of the rubric.

MEAL Plan for Paragraph Construction.

There is an Example Student-Paper APA Style 7th edition.docx and the Feel free to use the APA Style Example Paper as a template to help you format your paper if you wish; however, you will not be graded on your ability to properly format in APA Style.

Students will be introduced to APA Style formatting as you progress in your studies; however, it is more important that you learn how to write in an organized manner, have a good thesis statement, supporting paragraphs that flow into the next paragraph, and start to demonstrate critical thinking by analyzing the literature at this level of your education.

  • Stay away from using Quotes. Paraphrase your analysis and stay away from using quotes in your paper. What is needed is your original analysis of the literature. If you use direct quotes, you will lose points. Once again, your analysis in your original voice is needed.
  • Think about the audience that you are trying to connect with in your paper. Are you writing to the discipline, profession, or policy-makers, etc.? Use scholarly language that demonstrates your command of the topic.
  • Stay away from using first person voice. Work on using third person. Make sure you are not using the passive voice in your work. Use good time management and edit your paper looking for errors so that you submit your best work.
  • A good tool to use for your academic writing is to set-up your Word document to check for basic spelling, English & grammar errors, passive voice, and first person. To do this you need to set-up the advance setting in your Word Spell Check. This tool is a great resource to help you establish good writing habits and edit your paper.
  • Your work should be your own original writing. Please view the university plagiarism policy to avoid problems. Make sure to give credit to all sources that inspired your thinking with in-text citations in the body of your work and listed in alphabetical order on your reference list.
  • Your work is to be submitted in a Word document and uploaded within the assignment section of the class. The Turnitin function will automatically check your work for originality once you have submitted work, and generate a report within 10-15 minutes of submitting the assignment. Both student and professor will be able to retrieve the Turnitin report.
  • Writing should be organized and flow smoothly. Make sure that you edit your work before submitting so that you turn in your best quality work. Make sure to view the CJ Formal Written Assignment Final Paper Rubrics.pdf as checklist so that you cover all graded areas in paper.   

Students must select one of the topics below to research and write on. The topic choice is up to the learner, but the top selection must come from this list.

  • The United States Criminal Justice System 
  • Criminal Law in the United States
  • The History of US Law Enforcement
  • Compare different police patrol procedures
  • Law Enforcement Jurisdiction
  • Analysis of a Supreme Court Case (Student can select any US Supreme Court Case that impacted police producers or protocols)
  • Federal law enforcement (select only one agency)
  • Police Patrol Procedures (select one are to focus on)
  • Local Police/Law Enforcement (Select a state, county, or city department)
  • Technology used to enhance police patrol strategy
  • History of US Jails
  • The State Court System (Students are free to select the state court system they write about)
  • Corrections (any area but it is advised to select a narrow topic) 

The Term Paper is due by Sunday of Week Seven (7) by 11:59 PM (EST).

Good Luck on the Assignment! 

Due Date

Read and critically examine the article entitled “Population-Level Intervention Strategies


Read and critically examine the article entitled “Population-Level Intervention Strategies and Examples for Obesity Prevention in Children” by Foltz et al (2012). The article can be found here.

Answer ALL of the following questions in your post:

  • Select and describe (in your own words) at least two of the intervention strategies outlined by the author that you think would work the best in your community. 
  • Why did you pick those specific intervention strategies?
  • What do you predict would be barriers to the two intervention strategies you selected?  Why?
  • How could the use of technology such as novel electronic approaches, social media, etc. be implemented in the intervention strategies you selected? 
  • How would you evaluate the success of the intervention strategies you selected?