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Kindly help complete the attached assignments. Please provide references with all responses. SOC110_4002 SOCIOLOGY OF

Kindly help complete the attached assignments. Please provide references with all responses.



Lesson 13 Discussion

How does remarriage impact a family?  How are the day-to-day events affected by this change?
(200 words)

Lesson 13 Assignment

Pick a relationship in your life and determine the rewards and costs of this relationship.

Make a chart of these findings.

Write a 1-2-page summary regarding the findings, attach your chart, and discuss how these rewards and costs affect the relationship you have with this person.  Answer the questions, did you realize these rewards and costs in the relationship before this assignment? Will you make any changes in the relationship after viewing these results?  Does the other individual agree with these findings?  If they completed the chart, how would their findings differ?

Lesson 14 Discussion 1

Who do you think should take care of the elderly once they can no longer care for themselves?  Should families be responsible for their elderly members?
(200 words)

Lesson 14 Discussion 2

What factors have impacted the ability of humans to live longer lives?  Do you feel these factors should exist?
(200 words)

Lesson 6 Assignment Completion

Return to the goal and objectives you set for yourself back in Lesson 6. Now, write a two-three page paper stating your goal, the objectives, attach your tracking log, and report your findings.  Then answer the following questions: Did you meet your goal? How difficult was it to work on the objectives each week to work toward your goal? Were you able to track your progress each week?  Could you use this strategy to help others develop and meet goals leading to changes in their lives?
(250 words)




Discussion 13

How would you evaluate social work practices?  What tools could you use, and do you measure the outcomes?
(200 words)

Journal Entry 13

Write about your experiences during the week.  What evaluation techniques have you seen used in your agency?  Did the evaluation provide valuable information to the agency or make an impact on changes needed for future services?  
(250 words)

Discussion 14

How do services change when working with different populations?  How do you determine treatment and needs of clients?
(200 words)

Journal Entry 14

Write about your experiences during the week.  What populations have you worked with in your agency.  How did they determine the best treatment and support for these populations?  What did they do if they could not meet their needs?
(250 words)

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