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THIS IS URGENT NEEDED IN NO MORE THAN 4 HRS  The Course Project should focus on identifying a business problem or opportunity and proposing a


The Course Project should focus on identifying a business problem or opportunity and proposing a technological solution.  You will need to identify a real-life business that you are familiar with or a fictitious business. The business must have a problem or an opportunity that can use an information technology solution.

The following is a list of potential problems and opportunities around which you may want to focus your project.

· Lack of competitiveness or profitability

· Inefficient processes

· Slow product development

· Obsolete or outdated IT organizations and technologies

· Poor corporate communications

· Ongoing personnel issues

· Take advantage of a new technology

· Use technology to support or automate manual processes

· Use technology to improve decision-making

Potential Technology Solution Categories

For this Course Project, you must select a technology category that will solve the problem or opportunity you have identified for the selected business.  For the purposes of this project, it is important to differentiate between 
Technology Solution Category (or Technology Category) and a specific 
Vendor or Product.

The Technology Category includes Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning ML, Customer Relationship Management CRM systems, Data Analytics, and Web analytics. A vendor/product is a specific company or product, such as Salesforce, Oracle, Google Analytics, Omniture, etc.

Technology Solution category selected for this project is acceptable if

· That technology is available from more than one vendor/company or

· At least one other technology can be used as an alternative solution.

Although the list of technology categories you can choose for your Course Project is vast, the list below gives some suggestions you may want to consider.

· 3D Technology and Application

· Application software such as the following

· Accounting/financial management system

· Appointment scheduling system

· Registration system for patients or students

· Software for managing a specific type of business

· Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

· Asset tracking system

· Augmented reality

· Autonomous vehicles

· Big Data

· Business analytic

· Business intelligence

· ChatGPT

· Cloud-based services (software, hardware, storage, etc)

· Cloud Computing

· Collaboration technologies

· Communication technologies

· COVID-19 – Related Technology, Solutions, and Challenges

· CRM system

· Customer records system

· Database system or application

· Driverless Automobiles

· eBusiness

· eCommerce

· Electronic document management system

· Electronic medical records system

· EV – Electrical Vehicle

· ERP system

· Global information system

· Group decision support system

· HRM system

· Hyper-Loop Train, California

· IoT – Internet of Things

· Information systems security solutions

· Internet analytics implementation (web analytics, social media analytics, video analytics, etc.)

· Internet of Things IoT

· Inventory management system

· Knowledge management system

· Quantum Computing – The Future of Computing

· Network technologies

· Project management system/software

· RFID system, Radio Frequency IDentification

· SCM system, Supply Chain Management

· Social media applications for business

· Space Technology, SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc.

· Speech-to-text system/voice recognition system

· Starlink – New Satellite Wireless Communications

· Sustainable and Digitized Future

· Technologies to facilitate telecommuting in the after-COVID-19 era

· Text-to-speech system

· Wireless sensor network

· Others (with the approval of the professor)



This is an individual project, and it consists of 
Three Parts:

PART 1: Week5 – The Project Proposal,  100 Points

1. Cover Page

2. Table of contents

3. Brief company background 

4. Business problems or opportunities overview

5. Overview of the technology integration component

6. Product or solution scenario as exemplified by the customer or end-user population will serve.

7. Summary – if applicable

8. References and/or citations.


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